Fresh, Organic, Delicious

99% organic, 1% wildcrafted or locally grown unsprayed.  We buy locally grownin season food from small scale family farms whenever possible.

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Community Matters

We are pleased to be the only independent, locally owned all natural and organic food store in Salem, Oregon. We believe strongly in community involvement and have vibrant relationships with local producers and their food and products.  LifeSource contributes food, money and people power to schools, churches and community support groups on a continuing basis. We strive to promote and encourage a healthy life for everyone in the Salem Community and for all of the inhabitants of the Earth.  Eat Well ~ Feel Good ~ Be Happy

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Made from Scratch Deli

Our deli creates fresh, scrumptious food daily with organic ingredients and love! Check out the deli entree menu to find out what we’re serving up this week.

Deli Entree Menu