To GMO or not to GMO…

Posted on July 12th, 2010 by Roxanne | Posted in Notes & News

I just read this article, which, granted, is nearly three weeks old and still extremely relevant.  Link it to the article we posted three weeks ago and we begin to see, really, what we’re up against…

GMOs first appeared in 1995, and today bioengineered seeds are used in 81 percent of corn crops, 91 percent of soybean crops and 95 percent of sugar beet crops. Genetically modified foods are used in most processed foods and as feedstock for most cattle and chickens.

Unlike traditional crops, genetically modified seeds have been engineered — either by inserting or deleting genes — generally to produce their own insecticide or resist weed-killing herbicides.

And below the Headline is the link to the earlier article.

Generation Monsanto (GM)–Why We Need Labels on GM Foods

by Ronnie Cummins