Hi! My name is Liam and I’m pleased to introduce myself as the new LifeSource Beer Buyer!

You may have noticed some new developments in our beer display. These changes are aimed at presenting you with greater variety, easier browsing, and insight into the contents of each bottle. With the tremendous multitude of craft and import beers available, I hope I can provide you with some classic brews and the opportunity to unearth some new gems!

I look to stock a varied, seasonal array of beers that maintains customer (and staff) favorites. I also want to present new, obscure, and venerable breweries that are reputed to be high quality producers. I am always open to your suggestions regarding bringing a particular product in (or back). Let me know if you see me in the store, or leave a note for me with another employee.

With the increased variety, you may encounter beers you’ve never heard of in our display. That’s why I’ve begun adding ‘shelf talkers’: information cards that state a beer’s producer, style, bitterness, ABV (alcohol by volume), and my own tasting notes. With these, I hope to demystify what’s behind the label and increase your ease of browsing. I encourage you to try a new beer to supplement an old favorite. Singles of every variety are displayed for purchase to encourage experimentation.

As always, we offer a great variety of gluten-free beer, cider, and fruit beer, as well as an impressive array of craft beers from Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, Colorado, the Mid West and North East, with imports from Quebec, England, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and more! All told, we presently have 135 individual labels to choose from!

Above all, I hope that I can enhance the already very enjoyable activity of beer consumption by adding a bit of enlightenment, education, and discovery. Cheers!