Green Garlic Has Arrived!

Posted on April 12th, 2012 by Steve | Posted in Produce

A good sign in the produce department of spring being here is the arrival of green garlic! Green garlic is nothing more that the immature garlic that has been harvested before the cloves have had the chance to form.They kind of resemble an over grown green onion or a very young leek.

Green garlic is generally harvested by the farmers to thin out the field to make more room for the rest of the garlic to develop. Green garlic has a garlicky flavor, although it is a much milder version of the mature garlic. Use it like you would garlic or green onions either raw or cooked.

Keep in mind that the dark green sections of the leaves tend to be a bit tough like leek greens, so trim those off if you wish. Green garlic is only available to us in the spring, making this a rare item in the produce department.

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