Camas Country grains are grown outside of Junction City on a third-generation family farm and stone milled in Eugene. We’ve carried their hard red wheat and pastry flour in our bulk department for a few years, but you can now find a variety their packaged flours in the baking aisle. Some of the new varieties that we carry are the spelt flour, which is an heirloom variety of wheat, and teff flour, a tiny grain from Ethiopia that is big on nutrition! You can also buy the hard red wheat and pastry flour in 4 pound bags. Camas Country Mill packaged products are on sale until Monday, the 25th. Stop by and pick some up!



Also new to the shelves is apple sauce from Apple Hill Farm with apples grown organically in Oregon and Washington. Try the blackberry flavor too, featuring Washington blackberries!



While you’re here check out our newest gluten-free pizza mix out of Portland. Legit Pizza’s crust mix is made out of high-quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers whenever possible. Plus, it’s GMO free!