Two Shades of Autumn

Posted on October 4th, 2013 by Liam | Posted in Beer & Wine, Blog, New Products

As the weather has been so diligently reminding us, we are undoubtedly in the midst of Fall. Any glimmer of hope for an Indian Summer is fading as quickly as the sunlight around 7:30 pm. But rather than lament the passing of another season, let us embrace and ponder the arrival of Autumn.

Autumn, it seems, can be distinguished in two ways. I feel Autumn here in Oregon has two sides: a warmer, sweeter side and a darker, notably bitter side. To better illustrate this I’ll use two new products at LifeSource, Bittersweet Vermouth and Petal & Thorn by Oregon’s own Imbue Vermouth.


On the Bittersweet’s side, Autumn is the sweetly spiced aromas of apple pie baking in the oven while deep yellow-brown leaves drop from trees onto refreshed and unkempt green grass. Autumn is the earthy dampness of the forest floor as we forage for wild mushrooms, and the rapturous celebration of a bountiful harvest.


On the other, Petal & Thorn-y side, Autumn is like a bitterly cold breeze on a full moon, where the promise of mischief and mirth coax us to play in the misty night with giddy hearts and masked identities. Autumn is the crooked fingers of bare trees against a steely gray sky and the silky warmth of a flannel bedsheet on a drizzly morning.

But where Autumn stops, Imbue’s Vermouth goes further: you can’t enjoy Autumn in a glass over ice nor as a delicious mixer to your favorite spirit. To find out more about the versatility and delight of these delicious beverages, visit

Happy mixing, and happy Fall!

-Liam, the Beer & Wine Guy