Fairly Traded goods are good for everyone!

LifeSource supports Equal Exchange and several other vendors in bringing fairly traded organic coffee, tea, chocolate, bananas, vanilla, and cinnamon to market. These agricultural goods offer opportunity for people in areas where they are grown as the income is used to support families, farms, schools, and infrastructure. Many of the farmers in cacao, tea, and coffee growing regions were formerly impoverished due to colonialism, and exploitive business practices. Fair Trade works in cooperation with farmers and agricultural co-ops to bring more income and investment into these regions. Farmers receive a fair price for their agricultural goods resulting in better wages and more income for the people. More income means more civic investment in education and business opportunities that benefit everyone in the regions. Consumers benefit from Fairly Traded goods in knowing they are supporting non-exploitive supply chains and improving people’s lives, while enjoying goods grown organically, by people who pay close attention to quality, and take enormous pride in the result of their efforts.