Our raw Kombucha vendors have temporarily stopped selling their product. There is a concern that some products may have a slightly elevated alcohol content above the .5% allowed by law.

Our vendors assure us that the product is tested below .5% when it is bottled. Since the product is raw, the fermentation process continues and may be causing the alcohol levels to increase as it ages. They are in the process of testing to ensure that the product remains below the .5% throughout the shelf life before beginning to sell again.

At this point there is no recall and we will continue selling our remaining stock. We continue to evaluate this issue and will respond accordingly as more information becomes available.

Please do not hesitate to return any Kombucha products you are not comfortable consuming for a full refund.

Pasteurized Kombucha, such as the Kombucha Wonder Drink, is not affected because it is not raw and remains stable once it’s bottled.