KATU ran a blurb during last night’s broadcast that outlined the upcoming ban on dish detergents containing high levels of phosphorous – anything over .5% – starting July 1st.

As part of the research for the article they visited LifeSource interviewed our owner, Alex. The video is great and Alex has a couple good quotes (go team!) but if you’d like to just jump to the LifeSource part, that starts at the -0:55 mark.

They’ve also got the full article posted to their website and it’s a good read, here’s the important part though:

Starting July 1, it will be illegal for retailers in Washington and Oregon to sell dishwasher detergents containing more than 0.5 percent phosphorus by weight. The new phosphate limit does not apply to commercial dishwasher products.

Nice to see that the government is finally taking action to reduce the levels of this pollutant in our streams, rivers, and lakes. Bravo!

photo by: Snap®