We know that when most folks think about steaks and burgers they tend to automatically think of beef, but more and more people these days are turning their attention toward buffalo as a tasty – and healthier – alternative.

Free-range, grass fed buffalo is leaner than beef, it can have 75% less fat and 25% fewer calories for the same protein content. It’s also higher in iron and Omega-3 fatty acids than beef. It grills up beautifully and has a great – some say “sweet” – flavor without the gaminess associated with other meats.

We have a great selection of locally raised, grass-fed buffalo from Cascade Buffalo Ranch that’s free of antibiotics and added hormones including roasts, steaks, and brisket. We even offer pet food made with cooked buffalo liver, round steak, white rice, & carrots!

Cascade Buffalo Ranch is family owned and is located in the western foothills of the scenic Cascade Mountain range. The ranch offers nearly year round pasture grazing.

Next time your steak or burger craving kicks in we suggest you give this delicious and healthy beef alternative a try! 🙂