By Alex Beamer & Roxanne Magnuson
Here at LifeSource Natural Foods we understand that customer service and high product standards are pivotally important! Not only does this make a great business stand out, we find giving high quality customer service remarkably rewarding.  We are also passionate about providing high quality food that is healthy and nutritious for you and is grown in an Earth friendly manner. We’d like to talk a bit about the value of these two things.

Let’s start with Customer Service.

Our top priority is providing you with such a great shopping experience that you will want to shop with us over and over again. Each of our staff understands that the most important part of their job is to provide exceptional customer service to each and every customer. We train our staff to approach our shoppers and quickly determine how best to help.  To enhance your shopping experience, we put a lot of effort into creating a  friendly comfortable environment. We pay attention to keeping our store well organized, abundantly stocked and clean t0 make your shopping enjoyable.  We think being a medium sized store works to your advantage by making it easy to move around the store and find everything you want.

We organize our store by departments and certain staff are the experts in each department. This supports our goal of having very knowledgeable staff who can answer all of your questions. If one of us can’t answer your question, they will find someone who can. We’ll even call a manufacturer to get specific information for you.  This may require getting a phone number and calling you back.  It is our standard that our staff will go the extra mile to take care of your needs.

We know that a happy staff is the foundation of delivering exceptional customer service. By selecting the right people and treating them very well, they will most likely be the happy staff we want them to be. We use management practices that are respectful of each person and support them to grow and do their best. We pay good wages, give generous profit sharing, paid time off,  store discount, health insurance and retirement benefits.

We are committed to sustainability; in our business, in the production of the food we sell, in the resources we use, the health of our planet, and our community.  We recognize that by providing a healthy economic future for our staff and for their families we are contributing to the sustainability of our local community.

Another aspect of a shopping experience is having lots of fine products from which to choose.  We have around 12,000 different products on our shelves.  They span the gamut from coconut milk to gouda cheese, from bulk whole spelt flour to roasted pumpkin seeds, from organic broccoli to vegetable seeds for your garden, from Vitamin C to Echinacea herbal extract and more.  Each item we carry is carefully chosen to conform with our strict product standards and offer a full spectrum of choices in each department.

If we do not carry a product you are looking for, ask if we can get it for you. We will be happy to bring in any item we can get from the many product distributors, manufacturers and growers we do business with as a special order for you.  For special orders of single items we will apply our usual mark-up for that type of product.  For special orders of cases of product, we offer a 10% discount off of our usual price.  For special orders of bags of product from our bulk department, we offer a 20% discount.  For special orders of cases of produce, we offer a 20% discount.  We do not ask for a deposit on a special order.  When the item arrives, we will give you a call and you can pick it up at your convenience.

We’re an independently owned local store with one location.  We are unique. Compared to being part of a national chain or a multi-store chain we have more flexibility in what products we bring in and how quickly we can bring in new products.  We are committed to sourcing local products.  Our size makes it easier to source locally, which very often results in fresher food, and items not available at chain stores. Buying local products allows us to meet the people who are making them and know the quality of the ingredients and processes they are using.  Sometimes we can have an influence and get something changed to better meet our standards.

We want you to feel comfortable trying new things. There may be things you’ve never heard of before shopping here. You might like them! To that end we offer you a risk free opportunity with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you try something and aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund your money with a smile. The only requirements are a receipt and that you ask for your refund within 30 days.

If there’s anything we can do to make your shopping experience more enjoyable, please do let us know. You can always feel free to talk with any of us if you have a request or idea you think would help us be even better. Or, if you prefer, there’s a suggestion box just inside the door, on the customer information kiosk that you can use to offer suggestions. If you have a concern or problem that our staff are not able to resolve to your satisfaction, we invite you to talk with Jeff Watson, our store manager, or Alex Beamer our store general manager and store owner.  You can contact Jeff  Monday through Thursday at 503-361-7973 or email him at You can contact Alex Tuesday through Friday at 503-361-7973 or email

We love what we do and we hope you do to