LifeSource is getting a facelift!

We want more attention! We realized that many people drive by LifeSource every day and have noidea what a great store is hidden behind our quiet, unassuming storefront. So, we took on the task of figuring out how to make our storefront better represent the vibrant business that we are.

A talented local architect, Nathan Good, helped us figure out how to create a more visually inviting front for our store. As you can see in the drawings, we are going to take out five parking spaces from in front of our store and build a new entrance along with a patio area and landscaping. The new entrance will be an inviting new structure built in front of the existing building. We are planning to use reclaimed timbers for most of the structure as part of our commitment to sustainable practices. Our new patio area will have tables and chairs for enjoying a meal or for just relaxing with friends. We will be including lots of landscaping to bring in more nature to go along with our natural focus.

Good parking and good access is very important. There will be a new walkway through the parking lot to make it convenient to push your cart to the parking spaces in the lower section of the lot, and we will be restriping the lot to add additional parking to make up for the ones we are taking out in front of the store.

We plan to start our facelift right after our Food Fair& Customer Appreciation Day in mid-May (UPDATE: we’ve STARTED!) and have it finished by early summer. We are excited!!!