Not just Kosher, but local!  Willamette Valley’s first and only kosher wine producer, AlexEli Vineyard & Winery has just released their first certified non-Meshuval kosher wine.  Most kosher wine in the United States is “Meshuval” which means it’s been pasteurized through flash heating of the wine.  It’s rather difficult to find kosher wines that have not been heated except in Israel but AlexEli has produced a beautiful one.

Rabbi Avrohom Perlstein, from Salem, works directly with the vineyard and makes the wine under the direction (although not hands on participation) of winemaker Phil Kramer.  The wine is made in cooperation with the Orthodox Union. Because Kramer is not shomer Shabbat (Sabbath observant), a rabbi must oversee the entire production of the kosher wine after the grapes are harvested.  We’re thrilled to bring you this world class Pinot Noir which we hope will be enjoyed year round, not just for Passover.