The holiday gift-buying season is here! We want the gifts we give to be good for the planet, a good value, and—most importantly—meaningful gestures that demonstrate our caring about the well-being of those we love. To this end, LifeSource has a few ideas to offer you as you make your shopping list: inspiring resource books and custom-made (by you!) gift baskets.

Gift Basket 1You can get as creative as you like when assembling a gift basket, but LifeSource can make it easier if you’re running short on time or ideas. Just choose a basket from our large selection, then consider the following ideas as a starting point for your own unique creations:

So make your list and check it twice…and be sure to put yourself on it, too. You deserve to treat yourself with thoughtfulness and care as we say farewell to 2012 and greet 2013. Here’s to your health—cheers!