de-dolle-extra-export-stoutimages-2 roosters_cream images beer_3962Greetings from the Beer Dept! This week we are offering some enticing new import beers, among which are two of my personal favorites: Piraat and Delirium Tremens. Both are prime examples of the Belgian tripel ale and share that deliciously spicy, estery warmth characteristic of the style–yet each offer unique qualities of bitterness and malt character. Along with these you’ll also find a very unique chocolatey/champagney Belgian Imperial Stout, a hyper-hopped Imperial IPA brewed by mad-genius Scotsmen under direct orders from a Danish Gypsy brewer, a Frank Zappa-inspired pinot noir barrel-aged olde ale from one of Portland’s finest producers, and a duo of delectable pub ales from two of the Northwest’s best breweries, crafted to go with the rain (pick the porter) or the shine (crack the cream ale).

Here’s what’s new in the cooler:

Recent Additions: