Plan to reserve your holiday turkeys early, we frequently sell out quickly.

This year we will offer;

Diestel Fresh Organic Turkeys $3.99 lb
Shelton’s Fresh Free Range Turkeys 2.99 lb
Diestel Bone in Breast $5.49 lb
Pricing is the same as last year.


The Diestel Family of Turkeys

Everything we do on our ranch is family-centered, so it’s no surprise that we are quite proud of our family of Diestel Turkeys! Our delicious, premium organic turkeys come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6- 30 pounds.  For every celebration, large gathering, or weeknight dinner, you’ll have the perfect sized Diestel turkey available to enjoy.

All of our whole body Diestel turkeys are raised under our strict standards. We support our turkeys with a healthy environment, fresh mountain water, and the clean air from the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Our feed never contains fillers, our birds are never given growth stimulants or antibiotics, and we never make compromises when it comes to the quality of the feed.


The Organic Diestel Turkey

In keeping with our family tradition of producing exceptional turkeys, we also produce Diestel Organic (also known as Heidi’s Hens®) – The Certified Organic Turkey. These organic turkeys are raised with certified organic feed, which by definition is also NON-GMO! If you want a certified organic choice, you’ll love the Diestel Organic Turkey. The Organic line whole body birds range from 6-30 lbs.